Water: Nature’s Gift

Free Event!

Pecan Park
April 22, 2018
2 – 5 pm

On April 22, 2018 the world will celebrate the 48th annual Earth Day with events to demonstrate support for environmental protection for the planet we call home.
Now more than ever we need to celebrate the beauty and natural resources of our planet, and work together to protect it.

Our second annual water event, “Water: Nature’s Gift” will focus on the need to protect our region’s rivers and streams.

Please join us as we celebrate our water at Pecan Park on Sunday, April 22 from 2:00-5:00. It will be a fun afternoon of live music, speakers, informational booths concerning our local water, games and activities for children, organized hikes to LaNana Creek to pick up trash and of course some delicious watermelon!

There will be plenty of drinking water available in coolers, and those attending are asked to bring a refillable water bottle to cut down on waste.

If your group is interested in having a water-related booth please contact Resilient Nacogdoches.

Alternative Economies

The expression “money makes the world go ‘round” is deeply flawed. As economies around the world occasionally crash, paper money becomes more valuable as fire kindling and wall paper than currency. The stories coming from individuals who have lived through such experiences demonstrate the power of social capital. When we know our neighbors and realize the force behind the broad network of connections our community holds, we can live a truly rich life. Creating this abundance is nothing new—in fact, many alternative economy models are rooted in long held traditions of farmers and rural interdependence.
Let’s look at this idea of “Alterative Economies” from a local lens. ReNac has built up social capital in various pockets of Nacogdoches. Because of these relationships, organizations like Austin Heights Babptist Church have generously donated their space for meetings and events. Together in 2015, we helped build even more community connections when AHBC provided ReNac space to hold the First Annual Nacogdoches Seed Swap, which drew in over 100 people to freely share their bounty of seeds and take home new varieties. The leftover seeds were then donated to the Nacogdoches Public Library (another nurtured relationship!), who were in the midst of planning a Seed Library and subsequently helped host the 2nd Annual Nacogdoches Seed Swap! The community building and collaboration that happens daily at the Nacogdoches Public Library is a tremendous gift to Nacogdoches. Keep your eyes peeled for other “swap” events, such as the bi-annaul clothing swap (link) and various skill share events.
Alternative economies are much more than bartering eggs for butter. Sure, knowing real life skills and the arts of trade and gifting are important. But without social capital, you’d be stuck with that surplus of ripe tomatoes on your counter while your neighbor quits bothering to pick her bounty of cucs. You get the picture.
Explore the various events ReNac helps host to foster this growing network of swappers, work partiers, and barterers alike.

Our Voices: A Group of Concerned Citizens 

Our Voices is a group of concerned citizens who want to share their opinions, thoughts and ideas through the print media. Our Vision is to move our friends and neighbors and community to become more open, progressive and flexible/cooperative and to give ourselves a public voice. We have five general goals:    1. To have Letters to the Editor, Shout Outs or Guest Editorials in the Daily Sentinel articulating progressive issues at least three times per week.

    2. Support each other in print as well as within our group.

    3. Define issues as each member, as an individual, wants to address.

    4. Possibly, some of us would be willing to help clarify concerns for our group.

    5. Because of the thought necessary to write a letter, this process will help each of us be able to verbalize more articulately as we share our concerns with our community.


This group began meeting in February, 2017. We have decided to meet monthly on the Third Friday of each month at NOON for one hour (folks are welcome to stay longer but the meeting is basically from noon to one and bring your lunch if that is convenient for you). Our current concern is not only various issues of our own but also to expand the group to hear the voices of the many people in our community of whom we may not be aware.


For more information, please contact Nancy Niehaus, 936-715-0665

Climate Reality Presentation

On Monday, April 3rd, the Nacogdoches Democratic Party is hosting an event where ReNac member Alec Johnson be giving a presentation on his recent training with the Climate Reality Leadership Corps.

The materials have evolved quite a bit since Inconvenient Truth was first screened and offers extremely important, insightful, and dramatic information. The presentation is guaranteed to leave you more knowledgeable and hopeful.

Event details:

When: Monday, April 3rd, 6:30pm
Where: County Annex, Main Street
Details: An approximate 90 minute presentation will be followed by Q&A