Our Voices: A Group of Concerned Citizens 

Our Voices is a group of concerned citizens who want to share their opinions, thoughts and ideas through the print media. Our Vision is to move our friends and neighbors and community to become more open, progressive and flexible/cooperative and to give ourselves a public voice. We have five general goals:    1. To have Letters to the Editor, Shout Outs or Guest Editorials in the Daily Sentinel articulating progressive issues at least three times per week.

    2. Support each other in print as well as within our group.

    3. Define issues as each member, as an individual, wants to address.

    4. Possibly, some of us would be willing to help clarify concerns for our group.

    5. Because of the thought necessary to write a letter, this process will help each of us be able to verbalize more articulately as we share our concerns with our community.


This group began meeting in February, 2017. We have decided to meet monthly on the Third Friday of each month at NOON for one hour (folks are welcome to stay longer but the meeting is basically from noon to one and bring your lunch if that is convenient for you). Our current concern is not only various issues of our own but also to expand the group to hear the voices of the many people in our community of whom we may not be aware.


For more information, please contact Nancy Niehaus, 936-715-0665

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