Book Study

The next book study we will be engaging with the Arnold Mindell’s Sitting in the Fireimg_0136

Instances of conflict among individuals and groups in our country are not new.  However, our digitally connected world gives us unprecedented access to these happenings with lightening speed.  In the past several years there have been numerous shootings of mostly unarmed men and women of African descent by police personnel around the country.  Reactions to these shootings as well as centuries of pent-up fear, anger, and mistrust run the gamut from peaceful demonstrations, prayer vigils, and formation of new human rights advocacy groups to violent insurrections and retaliatory shootings of police officers.  In any case, it is clear that ongoing reassessment and breakthrough are needed.

Continuing engagement in these processes is necessarily fraught with conflict and tension and few of us are equipped to participate in the opportunities for transformation that these events offer.  Resilience must include creative use of conflict and Mindell’s book, Sitting in the Fire, is a great primer.

A note from the facilitator, Aloma Marquis:
“About twenty-one years ago I first encountered the book at a permaculture certification course and was a part of an informal multi-people group that used it successfully in dealing with contentious issues involving racism.  We were asked by one of the social services agencies of the State of Texas to share our experiences with some of their members in 1996 and I acted as one of the facilitators of the workshop.”