• Dedicated to building a world of resilient communities,, a project of the Post Carbon Institute, and both websites come highly recommended.
  • Transition US and Transition International both promote Transition Town development and make many great resources available for free.
  • The Permaculture Institute has a website that offers free materials as well as training courses for a fee. Permaculture Principles is another useful website. Toby Hemenway is a Permaculture author who has done much to bring it to North America. You can visit his website here.
  • Locally, Permaculture is sprouting and you can visit the ReNac Permaculture Blog Spot here. And you can direct email to them here.
  • A particularly great resource for local economic development ideas is Michael Shuman, author and activist. A visit to his Small-Mart Revolution website is always worthwhile. In a similar vein we recommend BALLE, the Business Alliance for Local Living Economies, which Shuman helped cofound.
  • Climate science, news, politics and media coverage are all carefully scrutinized by the Climate Progress website. Excellent coverage of these same issues are covered daily by Real Climate scientists run the Real Climate website. If you’re looking for climate science facts that counter every climate denying argument imaginable then Skeptical Science is the place to visit. It even has an app you can download to mobile phones.

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