TJR Middle School Gardening will begin soon to prepare the beds for planting with the students. This year we will work Thursday mornings  for about three hours with a Garden Club of students who have chosen the garden as a Special Elective. Tasks will be varied and adaptable to your talents and interests. Begin the volunteer process at the School Administration Building off of University. They will do a background check and issue some sort of ID. If you are already signed up as a volunteer, they will still do a current background check.

Resilient Nacogdoches is working with the community of Briar Forest off Press Road to create a community garden.  There is a need for persons who are bilingual. 

Nacogdoches High School Gardens. Cindy Pruitt is the school sponsor and will need considerable outside support to promote the garden further. A volunteer packet, available from the school district, will most probably need to be submitted.

Jim Lemon will be the Renac coordinator of the above-mentioned projects and will give regular updates prior to each workday describing the activities and needs which he anticipates. Much help is needed if we are to accomplish  enrichment of our schools and resilience in our community