Resilient Nacogdoches 2015 Year in Review

Resilient Nacogdoches  2015

“Our movement builds”

2015 has been a watershed year for Resilient Nacogdoches.  We have grown in so many ways: new projects, new supporters, new connections, new ideas.

It has been fun to look back and see how much we have accomplished in our first full year as ReNac.  We have educated ourselves  about building a resilient community,  we have strengthened our Resilient Nacogdoches community through discussions, meetings, visioning, work days and book groups, we have ‘gone public’ with educational events and actions and we have continued to forge alliances with other groups working toward resilience.

Click the link for the full Year in Review with pictures and stories.

ReNac End of Year Review 2015 word